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Friday, July 11, 2014

"PETER ELDER" kit #35714 now reports SNP R-DF49+ and R-DF13+

  now says:
SNP Tests Taken show PLUS for DF49+, DF13+

Checking the category in the R-L21 Study, to see if this "PETER ELDER" Kit #35714
 is moved up with JOHNSTON kit #90660 category on page 4

    YES!  Now both are placed in the same category,
which has been changed and shortened slightly, to show mostly the 49+ (PLUS) SNP's:
See Category:
     x10. DF49+(L21>DF13>DF49; check 49+ SNPs)

   "PETER ELDER" kit #35714 matches JOHNSTON kit #90660 with
101 of 111 markers. 
    Also matches JOHNSTONE kit #224025 of Lockerbie Scotland
with 61 of 67 markers.
    Close markers and SNP's may help place these families as all locating
 in the southwest coast of Scotland.

JOHNSTONE of Lockerbie article in Wikipedia
Found in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland, on the West Coast near Borders:
 ....  "Lockerbie House is an important establishment within Lockerbie, in the past having owned most of the land and housing within the town mainly through the Johnstone Baronets and Douglas family."
…"About 3 kilometres to the west of Lockerbie on 7 December 1593, Clan Johnstone fought Clan Maxwell at the Battle of Dryfe Sands. The Johnstones nearly exterminated the Maxwells involved in the battle, leading to the proverbial expression "Lockerbie Lick."

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