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Saturday, March 8, 2014



Includes GILLESPIE with Big-Y SNP order:
I2a M223>M284>L1195>L369/L137/L126 Isles-Scot, Kittler 16-15 (Grp 1)

Kit #'s
B6098     SamGillespieb1720 IRE>Sam1742UlsterCoNY>Ste BigYp   Ire I2b1
159247     SamGillespieb1720 IRE>Sam1742UlsterCoNY>Steb1777NY   
                Northern Ireland     I2b1

Dr. Tyrone BOWES uses DNA for Scotland origins

    "PAXTANG PENNSYLVANIA" ELDER researchers living in Portland have invited me to a lecture on March 15, 10 am, at Marylhurst University,  given by Dr. Tyrone BOWES.  He has been encouraging DNA tests from FamilyTreeDNA and writing case studies about  SCOTTISH and IRISH family ORIGINS.

I finished downloading and reading all 13 of the .pdf files posted by
Dr. Tyrone BOWES in his SCOTTISH Origines webpages

I didn't find any ELDER names, but I believe that the TERRY story
is the closest to the DNA grouping for "PAXTANG PA" ELDER.

 I recognized McNEILL and the ISLES from
Alasdair MacDonald's I2b1-L126 Viking information, which is
also in "PAXTANG PA" DNA.

  "Norse-Gaels and hired Mercenaries from the Highlands and Islands!"

Dr. Tyrone BOWES wrote:
    "A commercial ancestral 37 marker Y chromosome DNA test will potentially provide one with the names of many hundreds of individuals with whom one shares a common male ancestor, but what often perplexes people is how one can match many individuals with different surnames? The answer is quite simple. Roughly 1,000 years ago one's direct medieval male ancestor, the first for example to call himself 'McNeill' was living in close proximity to others with whom he was related but who picked other surnames like McIntyre, McLaren, and Gillespie. Given that 1,000 years have passed since surnames were adopted, there will be many descendants of these individuals some of whom will today undergo commercial ancestral DNA testing.
Hence the surnames of one's medieval ancestor's neighbours will be reflected in
today's DNA test results.

SURNAME: Terry - A Case Study  (.pdf file)  -- 30th July 2012
by Dr. Tyrone BOWES
"Figure 4: The Clan territories of the Western Isles of Scotland.
     "Mr Terry's Genetic Homeland (orange broken circle) is situated in the Western Isles of Scotland in the ancient Clan territory of the McNeill's which surrounds the ruins of Castle Swin on the Kintyre peninsula.
 It is here that the McNeill farming community could be found in 1841 farming the lands of their ancestors and surrounded by the ancient Clan territories of their genetic cousins the McInnes, McIntyre's, McLaren, and MacDonald's (red arrows)."