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Monday, June 11, 2012

More news about "ELDERS with an S" kit #219446" -- This kit has been
added to the I2b1 Study - titled "I-M223, where the PAXTANG ELDER kits are also now posted.
"ELDERS with an S" kit has been identified there as a "ROOTS" category,
 instead of "SCOTLAND" with the PAXTANG ELDER kits, so
it's possible that this one may be  sorted eventually into a category of "Danish Vikings" from Yorkshire, England. 
 On our ELDER "Goals" menu,  the kit is in a category by itself with my description:
Z15 - #219446  McKinder ELDERS b. 1830 TN  (may connect with Yorkshire, Eng. - Vikings)
with my notes for his family in the USA posted
See also: I2b1 study  I-M223 - "Roots" category 1.1.5  (Ordered 67 markers as requested by this study)


---Nancy Elder Petersen, Host
ELDER DNA project