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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scottish DNA chart at University of Strathclyde

Scottish DNA project - YDNA charts - now divided into 5 pages and new labels
from University of Strathclyde in Glasgow - Host, Bruce Durie

25 ELDER kit numbers now posted on Scottish DNA pages (January 21, 2011):

Page 1 - Group 13 - R1b1b2 (M269)

110746 ( Z2 - "Elder/Rose")
26383 ( Z3 - "Elder/Fox of TN")
16176 (Franklin Co PA and NC)
114538 (Franklin Co PA and NC)

Page 2 - Group 13 continued

30720 (Z1 - Elder/McClelland in Scotland Borders)
171586 (Franklin Co PA and KY)
187668 (Franklin Co PA and AL)
155942 (Z4 - Pittenweem, Fife)
35714 (Peter Elder of VA)
20923 (Maine)

Page 3 - Group 13 continued
14778 (Franklin Co PA)/Bedford Co PA
12747 (Franklin Co PA)/Bedford Co PA
10261 (Franklin Co PA)/NC
29820 (Franklin Co PA)/Mercer Co PA
18545 (Franklin Co PA)
132709 (Franklin Co PA)/Wisconsin
10042 (Franklin Co PA)/Wood Co OH
16874 - (Ireland)

Group 19 (green - Wales - R1b1b2a1b) (P312 /S116)

Page 4 - Group 25 (M222) - green - R1b1b2a1b5b - Irish Niall

Page 5 - Group 59 - I2b1 (Viking- Isles - Paxtang PA)
75444 (Paxtang PA)
15534 (Paxtang PA)
50076 (Paxtang PA/Spartanburg SC - Stewart match 66/67)

J2 - Group 82
188265 (Elder/Dorsey of Maryland- Donna Logan's family)
12883 (Elder/Dorsey of Maryland - Donna Logan's family)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ELDER One-Name Study News

Today I received my print copy of "Journal of One-Name Studies,"
Vol. 10 #9, 2011, published in London, England.
I've paid my 2011 dues online and reviewed my ELDER
One-Name Webpage posted on their server

The Chairman's article highlighted activities for new members,
especially for USA and others who need online connections
with experienced members (mostly UK members).
Mentors will be be available for personal queries,
so I hope to sign up to ask for that service.
Another service announced is a special link to the free LDS database FamilySearch.org,
where search results will include a direction to any Surnames entered on
ONE-NAME STUDY webpages, like ELDER!!
Also, some good DNA success stories are told in this issue,
including one by Katherine Hope Borges,
host of the oldest "Scotland DNA Chart" online.

Always looking for more Scotland connections!
Nancy Elder Petersen
Host, ELDER DNA project