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Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Click Directly on the ELDER DNA webpage

Hi folks,
Today I'm trying out the HTML links on these new DNA Blog post options.
I hope this message will show a clickable link which goes directly to my
original ELDER DNA webpage, with Y-RESULT CHARTS, lots of links to
other ELDER webpages, such as
showing descriptions of our participation in Scotland DNA charts, as well as
our brief ancestor lists (choose GOALS menu) and other archives of ELDER information.
It's great to have more ways to share our information.
E-mail me anytime!
Nancy Elder Petersen

New DNA reports for "Family Finder" matches

Hi folks,
I've been reviewing our ELDER Y-DNA administrative reports,
discovering that a note has been added when someone has matched
our Y-DNA with the new "Family Finder" tests!
I was very surprised to see these on several lines of ELDER, but not
my brother's page yet.
So far, I have developed a small list of names and e-mails
for each personal page where this new note occurs.
E-mail me anytime!
Nancy Elder Petersen